Toledana Metodo Classico Brut

Municipality of production
Grape Variety
Altitude (a.s.l.)
200 m
Training system
Age of the vineyard (years)
Plant density
4,000 plants
Cropping level per hectare
65 ql grapes
Beginning of September
Alcohol by volume
12-.5% Vol (based on the vintage)
Serving temperature

This Gavi wine is produced with pure Cortese grapes in Gavi municipality. The microclimate of the production area, hot and dry summers, tempered by the influx of sea winds contributing significantly to the sensory features of “Gavi DOCG” wine. The vast difference in temperature between night and day that characterises the last stage of grape ripening intensifies the scents that are typical of Gavi DOCG aromas.


After the harvest it comes the destalking, soft pressing, follows an off-the-skins fer-mentation in stainless lnox steel tanks at a controlled temperature to 13°C for 3 weeks, follow 6 months into barrique. During spring season after harvest follow bottling with the addition of liqueur de tirage to 12°C according to the “Classic Method” 48 month. Manual “Remuage”; “degorgement”.

Tasting note

Sparkling wine with a straw yellow color with golden hues, with fi ne and persistent perlage. This “Metodo Classico” sparkling wine has a round fragrance with the typical note of bread’s crust which enhances the elegance of the grape. Full fl avor, fragrant and fresh, valorised by a slight woody note given by the partial fermentation in oak barrels.

Reccomended pairing

It is served as an aperitif drink and as an accompaniment to the best fish dishes, spaghetti and pasta with light sauces, white meats, goat cheeses.

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