Vigne Rade

Gavi del comune di Gavi d.o.c.g. Toledana

Municipality of production
Grape Variety
100% Cortese
Altitude (a.s.l.)
200 m
Training system
Age of the vineyard (years)
Plant density
4,000 plants
Cropping level per hectare
65 ql grapes
Alcohol by volume
13.0% Vol (based on the vintage)
Serving temperature

This Gavi wine is produced with pure Cortese grapes in Gavi municipality. The terroir, the microclimate of the production area, and the influx of sea winds contributing significantly to the sensory features of this wine. The big difference in temperature between night and day that characterises the last stage of grape ripening intensifies and the organoleptic characteristics of this product.


After the harvest it comes a soft pressing, follows an off-the-skins fer-mentation in stainless Inox steel tanks at a controlled. Followed the maturation in steel tanks for 6 months and the bottling not before the spring/summer.

Tasting notes

Bright straw yellow color with greenish reflections, a tasteful and delicate scent with hints of fresh fruit and white flowers, as well as citrus and bitter almond notes;has a dry, full-bodied, pleasantly sapid, harmonious, sophisticated and refined.

Reccomended pairing

It is served as an aperitif drink and as an accompaniment to the best fish dishes, first course with light sauces and white meats.

Guide Vintage Score
Vini d'Italia - Gambero Rosso 2021

Vini d'Italia - Espresso 2020

Vini d'Italia - Gambero Rosso 2020

Merano Wine Festival 2020

Vini d'Italia - Espresso 2019

Bibenda 2019

Vini d'Italia - Gambero Rosso 2019

Merano Wine Festival 2019


Gilbert & Gaillard 2018Medaglia d'Oro
Jancis Robinson 201816/20
Annuario dei migliori vini italiani - Luca Maroni 201890/100
Bibenda 2018

James Suckling 201891/100
I vini di Veronelli - Guida Oro 2018

Vini d'Italia - Gambero Rosso 2018

Vini buoni d'Italia 2018

Merano Wine Festival 2018

Bibenda 2017

I vini di Veronelli - Guida Oro 2017

Vini d'Italia - Gambero Rosso 2017

IWSC 2017Silver
International Wine Challenge 2017Silver
Decanter World Wine Awards 2017Bronze
Prosit - ONAV 2017

Jancis Robinson 201716+/20
International Wine Challenge 2016Silver
Vinum - Europas weinmagazine 201515/20
I vini di Veronelli - Guida Oro 2014

I vini di Veronelli - Guida Oro 2013

Vini d'Italia - Gambero Rosso 2013

Vini d'Italia - Espresso 2013

Mundus Vini 2013Gold
Vini d'Italia - Espresso 2012


Vini d'Italia - Gambero Rosso 2012

I vini di Veronelli - Guida Oro 2012


Vini d'Italia - Gambero Rosso 2011

Vini d'Italia - Espresso 2011


Jancis Robinson 201116.5/20
International Wine Challenge 2011Bronze
International Wine Challenge 2010Bronze
Vini d'Italia - Gambero Rosso 2010

I vini di Veronelli - Guida Oro 2010

Vini d'Italia - Espresso 2010

Vini d'Italia - Gambero Rosso 2009

I vini di Veronelli - Guida Oro 2009


Vini d'Italia - Espresso 2009

Wine e Spirits Magazine 200891/100
International Wine Challenge 2008Silver
Annuario dei migliori vini italiani - Luca Maroni 200882/100
Vini d'Italia - Espresso 2008


Wine Spectator 200785/100
International Wine Challenge 2007Gold
I vini di Veronelli - Guida Oro 2007

Annuario dei migliori vini italiani - Luca Maroni 200782/100
Vini d'Italia - Espresso 2007


Wine Spectator 200685/100
Vini d'Italia - Espresso 2006


Wine Spectator 200586/100
Vini buoni d'Italia 2005

Wine Spectator 200486/100
Wine Spectator 200187/100